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This class is designed for children of ages 3-7. Students are introduced to dance class etiquette, basic ballet positions, steps, and terminology through various activities such as floor stretches, center exercises, and movement games. The Pre-Ballet class will enhance students’ skills in the areas of coordination, musicality, self-expression, and discipline.


Ballet is the foundation of all structured dance disciplines and the strictest form of dance. This class focuses on strength, flexibility, proper alignment, technique, terminology and grace. 

Pre-pointe & pointe

Pointe is an extension of classical ballet training for intermediate to advanced ballet dancers. Students are in their pointe shoes, dancers support their entire body weight on the tips of their toes. Pre-pointe & pointe class focuses on strengthening students’ legs, ankles, and feet. Approval from the ballet instructor is required to join this class and placement is not based on age. Students must have strength, ballet technique, and proper alignment to be considered for the pointe work.


Jazz/Musical Theatre

A fun, upbeat, high-energy class ideal for any young artist who loves to perform and wants to learn the many different styles involved in musical theater. Students will combine jazz technique with acting, singing, and stage direction through theater games and improv exercises, as well as learning choreography and lyric from songs of various genres and musicals. Dancers will develop confidence and expression in this fast-paced class!

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K-pop is a genre of music that originates from South Korea. After a quick warm-up given at the beginning of each class, students are taught an age-appropriate K-pop dance choreography. Choreography may be the original choreography or a choreography created by the instructor. 

Stretch & Strength

An open level class for teens and adults designed to increase physical strength and flexibility to prevent any injury, release muscle tensions, tone up muscles and relax minds through mediums such as low-impact modified ballet barre exercises, center (or station) exercises, floor barre, and Pilates-based stretching. This is a perfect workout that will cover different ranges from stretching to conditioning for all major muscle groups from head to toe. Each class is easy to follow and no previous dance experience is required.

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