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Dream Dance Studio Policy


  •  Our programs are a year-long program. Classes run for the entire academic year and ends with the end of the year recital. 

  •  A registration form and waiver of liability must be completed for every student before enrolling in classes or participation in any trial classes.

  • At the time of registration, you will be charged for the non-refundable registration fee

    • New students:​​

      • $35 per student​

      • $15 per each additional family member

    • Returning students:

      • $25 per student​

      • $10 per each additional family member

  • All class placements are solely at the discretion of the instructor.


  • If you need to withdraw from any class, you must notify the studio in writing 30 days prior to your last class. Failure to notify in advance will result you paying for the next month’s tuition, even if you did not attend classes.


  • Dream Dance Studio does not carry medical insurance for its students. It is required that all dance students be covered by their own family insurance policies and if injury occurs it is understood that the student’s own policy is your only source of reimbursement.


  • Tuition is a yearly fee. It has been broken down into 10 monthly payments for your convenience.​​

    • There is NO refund for missed classes due to holidays, personal commitments, illness or inclement weather. 

    • Tuition does not change with studio closings or holidays. It is already excluded from the yearly tuition.

    • Tuition is not based on the number of classes in a month or attendance. 

  • Tuition payments are non-refundable & non-transferable.

  • Tuition is due on the 1st of the month. Tuition is considered late after the 10th day of the month. 

    •  $15 late fee will automatically be added to the account. 

  • Payments can be made through:

  • We offer 5% family discount to families with 2 or more students living in the same household.


  • Recital is held at the end of the school year and if you are enrolled in classes participating in the recital, participation is mandatory. 

  • Recital fee of $60 per student of $85 per family is due in March. It is to cover the costs associated with the end of the year recital.

    • 2 tickets will be given per student​

    • 3 tickets will be given per family

  • Costume fee is DUE in November. Costumes will NOT be ordered without full payment. 


  • students should strive for perfect attendance year-round. Steady attendance is essential to success.

  • If a student be tardy or absent for any reason, please notify the studio as much in advance as possible.

  • Students arriving to class more than 15 minutes late will be asked to sit out to reduce the risk of injury after missing warm up.   

  • Any missed class may be made up in the same or lower level. Dancers have two weeks to attend a make-up class. No refunds or credits are given for missed classes.


  • Improperly dressed students will be asked to sit out. 

  • DO NOT wear dance shoes outside.

  • NO street shoes are allowed on the dance floor. 


  • The studio will usually follow the Gwinnett County Public School’s decision on class cancellation for inclement weather. We will notify via email, text, social media, and our website. 

  • Dream Dance Studio will do our best to schedule makeup classes for classes that have to be canceled due to inclement weather but is not guaranteed. 


  • If less than three students are registered for a class, it may result a schedule change or cancellation. 


  • Photos, videos, film, or audio recordings taken during classes or event becomes the property of Dream Dance Studio. The studio reserves the right to use any of those items for marketing and publicity purposes. Your signature on the registration form indicates your understanding and acceptance of this policy.


1 ½


3 ½


3 hour


2 ½


2 hour


Hours Per Week

Monthly Tuition

45 minutes


1 hour

1 ¼ 



1 ¾






4+ hours


2 ¼ 

2 ¾

3 ¼ 

3 ¾

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